Mermaid Island – Cuba!

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about Cuba, so much that I thought I’d experience it for myself. I’m extremely glad that i did. Cuba was phenomenal. Beautiful island, with friendly people and breathtaking views! I would highly recommend going sightseeing off the resorts. The houses and buildings are painted in such beautiful colours. Only in Cuba can you expect to see colourful classic cars and pink houses. I suggest you learn about the culture. It’s amazing and very interesting. They do NOT except U.S dollar bills, so you are better off exchanging Canadian or U.S bills before hand. I did run into a bank that accepted the Canadian dollars for exchange, which I was very happy about. Their food is very original, meaning don’t expect to have the good ol’ classic burger with french fries. Everything is pretty much processed and manufactured in Cuba. So both Canadian and American fast food is non-existent. They do have a great selection of desserts though. Cuba is a place that i feel everyone should experience. You’ll leave the island with a new outlook on life. Everything is simple in Cuba… and sometimes simple is better.

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