A Mermaid’s view – Scarborough bluffs!

This year, I spent my entire Canadian Thanksgiving at the Scarborough bluffs in Toronto, Canada. And I must say, it was my best thanksgiving yet. It did take about 20 minutes to find the damn place, lol. But that was because the area was so large and there were plenty of back streets and houses to drive past in order to find this beauty.

Never the less, I found it. And boy was it worth the 20 minutes of confusion. First, I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful view existed in Scarborough, and second, why did it take so long for me to visit it?. I’ve always heard about it, but never witnessed it, until now.

I must add though that visiting the bluffs is kinda dangerous. Because of the structure of the hills, it’s NOT exactly safe. There are no borders or solid ground to walk on, especially for the view that I wanted to see. Plus, there were warning signs everywhere. So if you plan to visit the bluffs, just be very cautious and go with a friend. I’m a natural bad-ass, so the risk made it an adventure for me. But the view alone, is definitely something you gotta see.

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