Mermaid Island – Aruba!


Hands down, so far, Aruba has got to be the most BEAUTIFUL island I’ve ever been to so far. I know that I have a lot of favourites, but this one takes the cake. I’m a hugeeeee fan of beautiful beaches and I don’t like a beach that’s too crowded to the point where you have to  struggle to seek out where to place your towel and belongings. Plus in reality, I really just want to be able to take shameless selfies in peace without being judged. LOL.

And luckily, Aruba has just that. Secluded private islands with flamingos and silence! ugh, heaven! I have NEVER seen a flamingo up close and personal like I have in Aruba. You can basically take pictures with them, of them, or you can also feed them if you’d like. What i really liked about them (the flamingos) was that they didn’t bother you for food like some other animals are known to. They did their own thing and only posed for pictures if you called them to. It was almost like they were trained. But they’re not, I asked. lol

So not only were the animals beautiful, but  the scenery was so breathtaking. Just plain beautiful. I was seriously lost for words, and that doesn’t happen too often. I think Aruba in general, is perfect for those interested in having a beach wedding. Seriously, It’s THAT beautiful. Although I could go on and on and on about how beautiful Aruba is… I’d rather you see it for yourselves. And trust me, my iPhone didn’t do it any justice. Aruba is a place you need to see for yourselves.

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5 thoughts on “Mermaid Island – Aruba!”

    1. I personally stayed at the renaissance resort, it’s beautiful. I think you’d love it. The ocean leads to the front desk and you can take a boat back and forth from the resort to the private beach island. It’s unlike any resort i’ve been to so far.


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