Mermaid Island – Anguilla!

While visiting the lovely island of St.Maarten with a few friends, (which i will touch on really soon). My friends and I decided to take a boat across to the super close island Anguilla. The boat ride was less that 20 minutes. I’ve always heard great things about Anguilla and Its beautiful beaches, but I’ve also heard it could be quite expensive to vacation there. In fact, many celebrities are known to vacation there. I figured it must be because of it’s well-known luxurious private resorts. Well guess what, I happened to have found a way around all of that. lol.

Because Anguilla was so close to St.Maarten and we were already on St.Maarten, my friends and I decided to go beach hopping. (beach hopping is when you go from beach to beach). We discovered that they were offering boat rides from St. Maarten to Anguilla beaches for $20 USD. We quickly jumped at the opportunity and next thing you know we were taking a 18 dollar cab ride to the boat location. Keep in mind, that if you ever decide to do this you’d have to bring your passport as you are entering another country. You would also have to pay a $35 USD land tax upon entry. We did just that. And boy was it worth it. Anguilla is so beautiful. It’s beaches features beautiful white sands and crystal clear water. They also have an infamous nude beach for adults only, with the rule of no cameras allowed which i found to be self-explanatory and very reasonable. lol. While on Anguilla we ran into celebrity Angela Simmons ,(daughter of the legendary Rev Run of Run D.M.C) who was also vacationing there. Anguilla is known to be very peaceful which I love and therapeutic. So if you ever feel or want to just get away from the madness of the world, which at times is the majority of us, then Anguilla is the place for you.

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