Things You Can Do While On Vacation! – Solo Edition!

Hey Everyone!

As you may know, most of the time I prefer to travel alone. But then there are those rare occasional moments when I’d travel with a group of friends. This is because usually I find that all of my friends have a hard time deciding on something simple as picking a vacation location. Not only that, but they all have different ideas of fun and they usually want to do multiple things in ONE day. I for one hateeeeee being dragged to do something I have no interest in. So I decided, why not travel by my damn self and see what it’s like… and you guessed it… I LOVED IT! I get to do all the things I want to do and at whatever time I decide to do them. Not to mention I have the time of my life by my damn self. LOL 

This might sound bad, but, the only time that I actually miss my friends is when I need someone to take a picture of me, LMAO! seriously, asking other tourists or vacationers just doesn’t cut it for me. They’re more likely to take one pic and hand you back the camera. Even when the photo looks horrible. My friends are the only ones willing to take photos of me over and over again until we get that money shot. LOL

Hey! Hey! I do the same thing for them too. so… don’t judge me. lol

Any who, I’ve made a list of some great things you can do while on vacation solo.

Los Angeles, California – photographer: s.simpson for all rights reserved.

Things you can do while on vacation – Solo edition!

  • Spa (treat yourself to a nice and relaxing spa day. After all, you deserve it.)
  • Beach (hang out on the beach, read a great book, sun bathe…)
  • Sight Seeing Tours (get a better look around the town with these tours that are usually offered on the resort and can be done with a group of other tourists which is usually led by trusted tour guide)
  • Entertainment (go downstairs and enjoy the entertainment while on the resort)
  • Games (participate in the resort games like bingo.. provided on the resort)
  • Swim (at the pool or at the beach)
  • Workout (go for a run alongside the beautiful beach or at the gym)
  • Restaurant (this might get awkward, but now’s your chance to try new food)
  • Meditate (just relax)

Question for you… Have you ever travelled solo? and What are some of the things you like to do while on vacation? (solo or with a group)

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