Mermaid In The City – New York!

New York!, New York!, aka “The BIG Apple”, as many would like to call it. New York is basically like my second home. Majority of my family resides in New York, so I tend to visit quite often. The funny thing is that I rarely take photos out there! I’m soooo mad at myself for it. I think it’s because I’m usually having a blast and don’t really have the time to go sight-seeing, especially with my little cousins hanging around.

New York – photographer: s.simpson for all rights reserved.

But here are some dope things you can do while out in New York…

One of the main reasons I love New York is simply for their Mango Icy! Mango is by far my favourite fruit, so combine it with anything and I’m sold. The term Icy is basically the same as a freezie. They just don’t call it a freezie like we do in Canada.

This Mango Icy is usually hand-made from a bicycle street vendor, and its soooo good. They offer many flavours, like cherry, lemon, mango, and strawberry, however mango is clearly my fave. It costs as little as one dollar, or five dollars for a slightly larger size. I usually get the five dollar one every hour or so. I kid you not. lol. I’m that greedy.

New York – photographer: s.simpson for all rights reserved.

Also, while out in New York, Be sure to visit Times Square. But certainly go with a friend or family member. I ended up bringing my baby cousins with me. Times Square is usually extremely busy, both during the day and night. And usually I hate crowded areas, but Manhattan is an exception. Trust me, you’ll have a blast, and there’s so much to see. Be sure to bring your camera and your wallet right along with you because Times Square is located right in the middle of Manhattan, filled with bright lights, fast food, and great shopping stores. You can also go sight-seeing. They offer tour bus rides so that you can view Manhattan in all of it’s glory.


Manhattan also has many fun things for children, like superheroes that are willing to take photos with children for only one dollar. The kids absolutely love it. My baby cousin for one, had a blast!

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6 thoughts on “Mermaid In The City – New York!”

  1. You’re so right. Because family is in NY (and around it), whenever Mel visits its kindof like weird to take pictures…so much so that the old Chinatown scenes in NYC from years ago is now lost- except in the synapse of Mel’s head…this post brings back memories!

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