My Horrible Experience & What To Do If Your Luggage Has Been Damaged During Flight!

I’m pretty sure that everyone and their mom has gone through a horrible experience at one point or another regarding travelling and having had their precious luggage damaged. I for one, have had about three bad experiences regarding damaged luggage. The first and
most memorable one occurred while I was on tour with international Atlantic recording artist Sean Paul. It happened while we were touring during his first album. U.S Airways basically lost the entire checked luggage of myself, Sean Paul, the other dancers and the band of FIVE people. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????!!!!.

  • We checked in as a group,
  • Had assistance checking in because he was an artist,
  • Went through priority check in WITH both personal and airport security present

…and yet ALL of our luggage just happened to get lost in transit?

  • Especially being that it was a DIRECT flight!?!?!

(A direct flight is when you fly from one place directly to another without stopping.)

U.S Airways only had ONE JOB!!!!!!!! ONE JOB!!!!!! I totally understand how a luggage could possibly get lost during a connecting flight yes. But DIRECT?.

‘Till this day I still think they attempted to steal our luggage because other artists have also told us about their similar horror stories with jewelry getting stolen and found in the lockers of airport employees. So anyway, we were all pretty pissed. We ended up having to fill out and file a report describing our luggage and what was in it as best as we could. Luckily, I also had a list of “things to pack” that I happened to have had with me at the time, and was able to quickly list my belongings. They assured us that they would send our luggage when found straight to our hotel. This was still horrible because we had a show to do THAT night.

Atlantic recording artist Sean Paul & myself  –  photographer: s.simpson for all rights reserved.

So Sean Paul’s manager had to call the record label to inform them of the mishap. The record label sent their fashion stylist to meet me back at the hotel because I literally had nothing with me. At that time in my life, I never carried a carry on. So it was even worse for me. The record label ended up having to buy me everything! We immediately rushed to the nearest mall and I had to get everything from a toothbrush, to socks, to 3 performance outfits. And although shopping was great, I still felt like I just wanted my own things. I was pissed, but not as pissed as Sean Paul. lol. He had way more valuables in his luggage than I did. Any who, 2 days later our luggage arrived at our hotel. I immediately went through mine to see if all of my items were still there, and the first thing I noticed was that my luggage items were all over the place. Someone definitely went through my things. My flat irons was unwrapped and out of the zipped compartment that I originally had it in. Clothes were refolded because I normally roll up most of my clothes to make it fit in the luggage better. Things were just all over the place. Plus one of the band members was furious because his lap top was gone. That was another report that had to be filed. Man, It was horrible. Just horrible. The band member with the missing laptop was able to prove that it was indeed stolen and was later able to retrieve money for it.

This was my first horrible experience. I’m pretty sure anyone who travels has had one bad experience. Feel free to tell me about yours! I happened to stumble across a video on YouTube by ABC News reporting several similar cases. One victim even going as far as capturing their horrifying experience on tape.


If this has happened to you, here are some tips you should do:

  1. Report it with the lost and found luggage department within the airport
  2. File a claim within 24 hours
  3. Always carry a list of your checked luggage with the estimated value of each item
  4. Take before pictures of your luggage and valuables
  5. Contact the head office of the airline and follow-up
  6. If the entire process takes longer than three weeks, get on social media and start ranting, (I’m so serious).
  7. Make a cool video about it and send it to any news channel that will report it.

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