Delayed Flight Rant! – Air Canada!

Oh lord. Where do I begin. Well, let me start off by saying that the morning of my trip to St.Lucia started off exciting, however was quickly ruined by the services of Air Canada. On the morning of my trip to St.Lucia, I’d arrived at the airport for 7:30am, my flight wasn’t set to depart until 10am. I decided to pre-check in online. When I finally arrived at Pearson airport, I was told that I also needed to check in at a kiosk station. I did. Then after printing my boarding pass and bag tag, I was told from an Air Canada representative to join a super long line that went around the corner of another airline. Really?, I thought the whole purpose of checking in online or at the kiosk was to avoid the line and go straight to luggage drop off, but okay. Nonetheless, I joined the line. After about 10 minutes of waiting in the never-ending line, another flight associates pulls me out of the line to join a much shorter one because I had already had my bag tags and boarding pass (just like i had thought to begin with). After dropping off my bags at the luggage drop off, I went through customs and was randomly selected for that machine body scan thing which I had no problem doing, the only thing metal on me was my extension hair clips which I’m sure the X-ray picked up. lmao.

It’s 9:45, and we’re ready to board. The plane was present and on time. Now we’re all on the plane and the pilot makes an announcement saying that before we take off, they have to re-arrange baggage because the plane has excessive baggage and they don’t have the extra net they need to secure the baggage. The re-arrangement took 1 hour. Because the re-arrangement took 1 hour our flight pilot made a second announcement saying that now the plane’s wings were frozen and we have to go to the de-frosting centre to defrost. That took an additional 30 minutes. After de-frosting the plane finally began moving, at this time everyone was happy again. But wait, not so fast, the pilot makes another announcement saying that they are having engine difficulties and will be turning around to have the mechanics have a look at it, and we’d all have to grab our carry ons and unload the plane. This took 4 hours. Seeing that everyone at this point was pissed because of all these delays, Air Canada offered everyone a 20 dollar meal voucher and 25 for first class. We ate, got happy again and at 3:30pm we’re on our way. I was pretty pissed because I had lost a day of vacation time, but was also happy that all these problems were identified before take off. With all these plane accidents that are happening this day in age, I told myself, it would’ve been worse.

Also I’d like to say Thank you to Air Canada for feeding everyone. I thought this was the right thing to do. A $20 voucher in my opinion made up for everything, and they also gave all passengers special codes for a discount off on our next flight with Air Canada. The plane switched crews because our original pilot was stressed, and all was forgiven. Great customer service on Air Canada’s end.

And we’re off to St. Lucia…. 🙂

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