Mermaid Island – St. Lucia!

Let me start off by saying that the beginning of this trip was rocky, due to flight issues with Air Canada. (see previous post)


None the less, once I had arrived in St. Lucia, everything started to look up. It was great. swift check in, greeted right away from my Air Canada rep who then escorted me to my transfer van. I stayed at an infamous five-star resort titled “The BodyHoliday”. The BodyHoliday is known for and considered an upscale resort. I say that because not only is it drop dead gorgeous, but the trip itself is expensive as hell and the resort stands out from most. I find this resort is great for people who are fitness addicts. The BodyHoliday has everything you can think of from tennis, to all water sports, to yoga, to morning  beach group runs, to 5k swimming, to beach volleyball, to dance lessons, to scuba diving lessons, to personal fitness and training lessons, to spas, to golf and golf lessons, it basically has everything a fitness junkie could ever dream of. I find the food to be very healthy. Which everyone who knows me, knows I’m far from being the healthy type. but what I appreciated about this resort is that they cater to almost everyone. they had plenty of options and were able to customize meals for vegetarians and vegans. I found myself requesting more salt and sugar a couple of times. But being that it was my birthday trip, I had overlooked that. lol


img_0620The beach resort was beyond beautiful. So beautiful that I couldn’t stop taking pictures and snap chatting from my balcony view. I travelled by myself once again and I didn’t feel awkward when eating like I usually do. why?, because there were a lot of single travelers there! It was amazing! You can literally do what you want because that was what everyone else was doing anyway. I personally also don’t think this is the best resort for small children under the age of 17. mainly because it was filled with adults and had games and sports for adults in general. Also there are no televisions in the rooms except for the super expensive luxury penthouse rooms. I do think that having no televisions is a great thing because it almost forces people like me to be more social and go out and live a little. All rooms do however have wi-fi, so you can watch Netflix or any movies on your laptops, cell phones or iPad if you’d like. I think St.Lucia was a great way to end and start the year. On my last day it was raining pretty heavy and on my way to the spa I fell down a couple of steps, but I’m okay. It was pretty funny at the time. Mainly becuase of the sound effect I made while falling. It was like everything was going in slow motion while I was falling. lol. Despite that, It was still my best trip thus far, and I will definitely be revisiting this one! I fell in love with St.Lucia!

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