Mermaid Island – St. Maarten

Finally! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been so busy with life. At the top of the year in January, I had injured my knee. Which left me out of service for about 6 months and on crutches.  I know, I know, freaking horrible. I decided to travel despite my injuries and went to St. Maarten. lol

I had the time of my life. St. Maarten is a tiny island that consists of a french side and dutch side, both take different currencies so depending on what side you decide to visit, you need to google the proper currency before booking.

I have friends out there, so I connected with them, which made it easier this go’ round. They own several businesses out there, so as busy as they were, i really appreciated them taking the time to show me around.

St. Maarten is just beautiful. Lots of boats, goats and good food. lol

The people are friendly and the scenery of the hills are great. This makes for a great place for those who want a vacation with entertainment. There’s so much going on entertainment wise. I went during the Festival time of year. It’s kinda like Toronto’s Caribana, only for longer. I couldn’t do too much due to my injury, so I basically went sightseeing and ate everyday. lol

St. Maarten has American restaurants out there as well (subway, Mc Donald’s etc..), so that was also a bonus.

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