Mermaid In The City – Miami!

Miami, Miami, Miami!

Miami is definitely in the top five of my “favourite cities to visit” list. It is such a gorgeous city, it hold a special place in my heart. With the best drinks, great views, yummy food, and the hottest night clubs around, who wouldn’t love Miami?. Right.

In real life, Miami REALLY looks like those fancy “Miami vice” video games with the fast cars and gorgeous woman. There is just tons of stuff to do in a city like Miami. I find this great, especially for those who simply want to celebrate a cause, or even if you’re just looking to have a good time with a couple of friends. Miami is the city for you. I wouldn’t recommend travelling to Miami alone though. It just seems like it’s more of a city you’d travel to with your friends. Plus it’s pretty fast paced. I can only imagine what the dating scene in Miami is like. shouldn’t be too complicated. lol Continue reading Mermaid In The City – Miami!

Mermaid Island – Cuba!

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about Cuba, so much that I thought I’d experience it for myself. I’m extremely glad that i did. Cuba was phenomenal. Beautiful island, with friendly people and breathtaking views! I would highly recommend going sightseeing off the resorts. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Cuba!

Mermaid in the City – Los Angeles, California!

Los Angeles, California – photographer: s.simpson for all rights reserved.

L.A! One of my favourite places to visit. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an obsessive palm tree fetish and my gosh these babies are everywhere! L.A is like my third home. Right behind the big apple. So where do i start? First off, there is so much to do in L.A. So many places to see and eat! I find the food out in L.A to be a little healthier. Lots of juicing companies & vegan choices to select from. So if you’re leaning towards a healthy place to visit, L.A might be for you. Next, the sunshine! The weather in L.A is always great. Being from Toronto, I find that even on their coldest day , the weather is STILL pretty rad to me. Continue reading Mermaid in the City – Los Angeles, California!

Mermaid Island – Jamaica!

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen! There is simply so much to see and do on this particular island. It’s great for people who love sight seeing. The food itself is amazing and the views are even better. The music is relaxing and overall gives you that Bob Marley relaxing vibe. The people on the island of Jamaica are extremely friendly. If you ever plan to visit Jamaica, you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Jamaica!

Mermaid Island – Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is one the most naturally gorgeous and purest places I’ve ever been. It’s the place where you can expect to see sloths and monkeys roaming around on trees. Which makes it an excellent choice of destination for animal lovers. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Costa Rica!

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