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Mermaid Island – St. Maarten

Finally! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been so busy with life. At the top of the year in January, I had injured my knee. Which left me out of service for about 6 months and on crutches.  I know, I know, freaking horrible. I decided to travel despite my injuries and went to St. Maarten. lol

I had the time of my life. St. Maarten is a tiny island that consists of a french side and dutch side, both take different currencies so depending on what side you decide to visit, you need to google the proper currency before booking.

I have friends out there, so I connected with them, which made it easier this go’ round. They own several businesses out there, so as busy as they were, i really appreciated them taking the time to show me around.

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Mermaid Island – Anguilla!

While visiting the lovely island of St.Maarten with a few friends, (which i will touch on really soon). My friends and I decided to take a boat across to the super close island Anguilla. The boat ride was less that 20 minutes. I’ve always heard great things about Anguilla and Its beautiful beaches, but I’ve also heard it could be quite expensive to vacation there. In fact, many celebrities are known to vacation there. I figured it must be because of it’s well-known luxurious private resorts. Well guess what, I happened to have found a way around all of that. lol. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Anguilla!

Mermaid Island – Aruba!


Hands down, so far, Aruba has got to be the most BEAUTIFUL island I’ve ever been to so far. I know that I have a lot of favourites, but this one takes the cake. I’m a hugeeeee fan of beautiful beaches and I don’t like a beach that’s too crowded to the point where you have to  struggle to seek out where to place your towel and belongings. Plus in reality, I really just want to be able to take shameless selfies in peace without being judged. LOL.

And luckily, Aruba has just that. Secluded private islands with flamingos and silence! ugh, heaven! I have NEVER seen a flamingo up close and personal like I have in Aruba. You can basically take pictures with them, of them, or you can also feed them if you’d like. What i really liked about them (the flamingos) was that they didn’t bother you for food like some other animals are known to. They did their own thing and only posed for pictures if you called them to. It was almost like they were trained. But they’re not, I asked. lol Continue reading Mermaid Island – Aruba!

Mermaid Island – Dominican Republic!

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved my stay in the Dominican Republic! It’s such a beautiful island. The colours are absolutely amazing! I’m talking about the trees, the peacocks, the flamingos! They have it all! And to top it all off… they had a variety of food to choose from. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Dominican Republic!

Mermaid Island – Cuba!

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about Cuba, so much that I thought I’d experience it for myself. I’m extremely glad that i did. Cuba was phenomenal. Beautiful island, with friendly people and breathtaking views! I would highly recommend going sightseeing off the resorts. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Cuba!

Mermaid Island – Jamaica!

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever seen! There is simply so much to see and do on this particular island. It’s great for people who love sight seeing. The food itself is amazing and the views are even better. The music is relaxing and overall gives you that Bob Marley relaxing vibe. The people on the island of Jamaica are extremely friendly. If you ever plan to visit Jamaica, you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Jamaica!

Mermaid Island – Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is one the most naturally gorgeous and purest places I’ve ever been. It’s the place where you can expect to see sloths and monkeys roaming around on trees. Which makes it an excellent choice of destination for animal lovers. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Costa Rica!