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Mermaid Island – St. Maarten

Finally! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been so busy with life. At the top of the year in January, I had injured my knee. Which left me out of service for about 6 months and on crutches.  I know, I know, freaking horrible. I decided to travel despite my injuries and went to St. Maarten. lol

I had the time of my life. St. Maarten is a tiny island that consists of a french side and dutch side, both take different currencies so depending on what side you decide to visit, you need to google the proper currency before booking.

I have friends out there, so I connected with them, which made it easier this go’ round. They own several businesses out there, so as busy as they were, i really appreciated them taking the time to show me around.

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Mermaid Island – St. Lucia!

Let me start off by saying that the beginning of this trip was rocky, due to flight issues with Air Canada. (see previous post)


None the less, once I had arrived in St. Lucia, everything started to look up. It was great. swift check in, greeted right away from my Air Canada rep who then escorted me to my transfer van. I stayed at an infamous five-star resort titled “The BodyHoliday”. The BodyHoliday is known for and considered an upscale resort. I say that because not only is it drop dead gorgeous, but the trip itself is expensive as hell and the resort stands out from most. I find this resort is great for people who are fitness addicts. The BodyHoliday has everything you can think of from tennis, to all water sports, to yoga, to morning  beach group runs, to 5k swimming, to beach volleyball, to dance lessons, to scuba diving lessons, to personal fitness and training lessons, to spas, to golf and golf lessons, it basically has everything a fitness junkie could ever dream of. I find the food to be very healthy. Which everyone who knows me, knows I’m far from being the healthy type. but what I appreciated about this resort is that they cater to almost everyone. they had plenty of options and were able to customize meals for vegetarians and vegans. I found myself requesting more salt and sugar a couple of times. But being that it was my birthday trip, I had overlooked that. lol

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Delayed Flight Rant! – Air Canada!

Oh lord. Where do I begin. Well, let me start off by saying that the morning of my trip to St.Lucia started off exciting, however was quickly ruined by the services of Air Canada. On the morning of my trip to St.Lucia, I’d arrived at the airport for 7:30am, my flight wasn’t set to depart until 10am. I decided to pre-check in online. When I finally arrived at Pearson airport, I was told that I also needed to check in at a kiosk station. I did. Then after printing my boarding pass and bag tag, I was told from an Air Canada representative to join a super long line that went around the corner of another airline. Really?, I thought the whole purpose of checking in online or at the kiosk was to avoid the line and go straight to luggage drop off, but okay. Nonetheless, I joined the line. After about 10 minutes of waiting in the never-ending line, another flight associates pulls me out of the line to join a much shorter one because I had already had my bag tags and boarding pass (just like i had thought to begin with). After dropping off my bags at the luggage drop off, I went through customs and was randomly selected for that machine body scan thing which I had no problem doing, the only thing metal on me was my extension hair clips which I’m sure the X-ray picked up. lmao. Continue reading Delayed Flight Rant! – Air Canada!

My Horrible Experience & What To Do If Your Luggage Has Been Damaged During Flight!

I’m pretty sure that everyone and their mom has gone through a horrible experience at one point or another regarding travelling and having had their precious luggage damaged. I for one, have had about three bad experiences regarding damaged luggage. The first and
most memorable one occurred while I was on tour with international Atlantic recording artist Sean Paul. It happened while we were touring during his first album. U.S Airways basically lost the entire checked luggage of myself, Sean Paul, the other dancers and the band of FIVE people. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????!!!!.

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Top 5 Beach Resorts Of 2016!

Good Morning Everyone!

Being that we are gradually approaching the end of the year of 2016, I thought I’d go ahead a create a list of the top 5 beach resorts that I’ve had a chance to visit this year! These Beach Resorts are the most memorable to me for the year of 2016, and these are resorts that I’d definitely want to revisit and highly recommend. Continue reading Top 5 Beach Resorts Of 2016!

Mermaid In The City – New York!

New York!, New York!, aka “The BIG Apple”, as many would like to call it. New York is basically like my second home. Majority of my family resides in New York, so I tend to visit quite often. The funny thing is that I rarely take photos out there! I’m soooo mad at myself for it. I think it’s because I’m usually having a blast and don’t really have the time to go sight-seeing, especially with my little cousins hanging around.

New York – photographer: s.simpson for Paintitmermaid.com. all rights reserved.

But here are some dope things you can do while out in New York… Continue reading Mermaid In The City – New York!

A Mermaid’s View – The Best Seats On A Plane!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long minute. Today I wanted to talk about something that I find semi-important and somewhat essential for us self-made travel photographers (lol) when booking a trip. Especially for those long flights to your destination!

And, what matters the most other than comfort to me is… you guessed it! A great view!!!! And that all depends on seating! OMG! Seating on a plane matters the most to me especially because I’m always taking pictures of every damn thing from the airport, to the destination. Continue reading A Mermaid’s View – The Best Seats On A Plane!

Things You Can Do While On Vacation! – Solo Edition!

Hey Everyone!

As you may know, most of the time I prefer to travel alone. But then there are those rare occasional moments when I’d travel with a group of friends. This is because usually I find that all of my friends have a hard time deciding on something simple as picking a vacation location. Not only that, but they all have different ideas of fun and they usually want to do multiple things in ONE day. I for one hateeeeee being dragged to do something I have no interest in. So I decided, why not travel by my damn self and see what it’s like… and you guessed it… I LOVED IT! I get to do all the things I want to do and at whatever time I decide to do them. Not to mention I have the time of my life by my damn self. LOL  Continue reading Things You Can Do While On Vacation! – Solo Edition!

Mermaid Island – Anguilla!

While visiting the lovely island of St.Maarten with a few friends, (which i will touch on really soon). My friends and I decided to take a boat across to the super close island Anguilla. The boat ride was less that 20 minutes. I’ve always heard great things about Anguilla and Its beautiful beaches, but I’ve also heard it could be quite expensive to vacation there. In fact, many celebrities are known to vacation there. I figured it must be because of it’s well-known luxurious private resorts. Well guess what, I happened to have found a way around all of that. lol. Continue reading Mermaid Island – Anguilla!

Paint It Mermaid – Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! Great News! Here at Paint It Mermaid.com, we’re happy to announce our very first giveaway contest & prize! Our first item up for grabs is a limited edition custom-made Island Mermaid Bikini Set!!! Second, you can also win 3 Bundles/Clip-Ins of luxurious human hair extensions courtesy of The Mermaid Collection!!! (valued at over $1000)

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