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Carry-On Luggage – Checklist!

Don’t you just hate when you forget to pack something? or even just forgetting something important period????.

Well, at some point, we’ve all pretty much have been there and done that. I find it to be even WORSE when you’re miles away from home and you realize your damn charger is still sitting on your bed. *insert mad emoji face here*.

So, to help avoid this issue, I’ve created a quick and easy to follow checklist of things you could pack in your carry on luggage. I myself won’t dare to even pack without following a pre-written list these days. So if you don’t have one, or need help writing one… you can use mine as a guideline or even just to grasp some sort of idea as to what to pack in yours… so here we go! Continue reading Carry-On Luggage – Checklist!